Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Zhangjiajie City Park

Now why didn't we have skies like this when we were in the forest park? Ah well. The restaurant that we were at for lunch was across the road from the second park, so having eaten some weird beef broth I asked if I could pop over for a look.

Another couple making the most of the day, and you just know that he didn't choose that outfit!

At the back of the park I spotted a coaster. Woohoo! But there was no ride operator. Booo! Some local kids with a love of climbing had decided to do a track walk.

We weren't quite sure how this one worked it had to be powered to get around, there just wasn't enough energy to get over that hill on its own but there was no power rail.

Posing with the kids.

So we didn't get to ride it and couldn't quite figure out how it would work anyway but it was a nice find. I did promise that there would be no coasters on this leg of the trip and technically I'm still right, but I still had to do my research whilst I was here.


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