Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Shanghai Zoological Gardens

The second park on the Shanghai credit chasing trip was a return trip to Shanghai zoo. 
Back in 2010 this park had a powered dragon coaster but shortly after our trip they'd replaced it with a non-powered model, so a return visit was included in the plans.

The park is vast and easy to get lost, fortunately I have a good memory and recalled the old ride being close to the Gorilla house. As you enter the park head left and walk along the front of the zoo park and you'll eventually reach the small selection of rides, including the coaster. There, don't say this report isn't useful :)

The rides are clearly aimed at the little kids. I loved the spin ride that had a face that looked like it was designed for eating corn on the cob.

The coaster was actually a nice little ride and there aren't many non-powered dragons around. This is a good hit if you don't count powered rides, a bad ride if you're drakonophobic.

With it being a zoo there are animals if you want to set aside the time to see them. I'm assured this is one of the better zoos and I didn't see any sign of the animals pacing back and forth that usually depresses me. However, like London zoo, I can't help but think being in a major city is the right place for animals that should be running free.


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