Monday, 29 July 2013

Jingshan Mountain

The initial plans for this contingency day had us going to Haibin park in Zhuhai but we'd heard close to leaving that the park had closed following an accident in previous weeks. The coaster that had the accident had been removed and the entire park was to become a water park. So we had to come up with another plan, and I suggested trying the Alpine Coaster 5 minutes up the road from there.

The Alpine Coaster can be found on Jingshan Mountain Resort

One of the models where the track ends at the bottom and the sleds are carried up the mountain on the back of the cable cars that carry the people up.

Lamb Naan on their way up the mountain.

As expected the views were pretty cool. In the background we could see Haibin and the rides could still be seen, so a group of us decided to head there next. 

That's the track running down the mountain and uh-oh, they're running the Alpine in a train formation just like the toboggans at East Park. Well that's not ideal :(

The train is loaded up and then the operator takes control of the front car making sure the group don't go too fast...but that's the point.

Another random padlock for couples thing atop the mountain.

Well it's fair to say this ride went over very quickly but not as quick as we'd have liked. It was funny hearing the abuse being thrown when the operator slowed the train down though. It gave the group a good opportunity to vent.

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