Saturday, 27 July 2013

Qiushuishan Park

Located in the north-east of Shenzhen is the tounge-twister Qiushuishan park which literally translates to "request-water-mountain". 

It's located behind the Qiushuishan Grand Hotel and having asked for the red carpet to be rolled out we were disappointed to see it rolled up. Perhaps something got lost in translation.

They have a Chinese horoscope garden with a statue for each sign of the zodiac. It gave me the chance for a "stroking a big cock" joke.

This being another ticket park, the majority of the group waited for them to be bought. Being more inquisitive I decided to go explore and found this replica of the Great Wall of China. A little steep to climb but it wasn't so steep that I had to go up by donkey as suggested by a guy with a donkey nearby.

The park was had a fairly decent selection of rides. Try buying tickets for these in Chinese!

Another tagada, and the more we saw these the more we were inclined to give them a go... but not today.

Cute little monkey sedan.

Noticing the hill on the return leg made us question whether this should be counted as a coaster. Now it didn't matter as the operator wouldn't let us ride for fear of us crushing the train but I know that a lot of people had their photo taken on it in an attempt to say they'd counted a previously unknown credit. Ha!

In amongst the rides there were Communist stages and statues and clearly not a relic we were surprised to see the locals having their photos taken with them. So we joined in.

The first coaster was a Chinese take on the corkscrew that we all know and hate because they're laterally too rough, and whilst not the smoothest of rides I've ridden enough of these to know where to brace and I came off ok.

The water splash ride looked fairly new, and clean, but was down for us today.

The second coaster was a smaller single helix model which typically go by the name "Outer Space Flying Car" but here had been given the easier moniker "Space Vehicle"

Some shots from the wheel giving aerial photo opportunities of the two coasters.

Their dodgem variant was fun. Instead of just bumping as we have in our dodgems, these had dodgems with guns. Shoot the targets on the other car and a hammer would come down and bash you on the head. Perhaps they had hired Timmy Mallet as a consultant when designing this ride.

The other ride that I bothered with in the park was their Starflyer variant which featured a rather large table like restraint on which they'd serve in-flight meals. This was actually a good version of the ride with decent acceleration as it got up to speed that gave us some Gs. Something you'd never expect on a swing.

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