Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wolong Park

Wolong is a new park that I'd found researching the satellite imagery and whilst there were no visible rollercoasters there were a good number of rides and lots of trees under which I ride could be hiding, so I thought we'd check it out. This was such a remote park that our driver didn't know of this one and I had to give him the directions. It's a little north-west of Shunyi park.

Well there was a decent selection of rides if you were 5 years old perhaps but nothing for us.

Definitely nothing for us.Well it was worth a visit on the off chance. Actually it did end up to be quite fruitful. Having seen us taking photos there were a couple of old staff members sat back chilling who took an interest in what we were up to. Our driver knows our hobby and was able to explain and deal with their laughs, but in talking with them they revealed a park that I'd missed that did have a rollercoaster and it wasn't too far away. So guess where we were headed next?

The exit took us past the obligatory park lake. These tanks, stuck out on an island, reminded me of the finale of Takeshi's Castle.Perhaps this is where they went to retire.

So, this actually ended up being alright. No new coasters here, but we did get some useful information on another.


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