Monday, 29 July 2013

Shajiao Fort Park

Having visited the major parks in the Shenzhen area (there are many more smaller ones) we headed west towards Guangzhou visiting another couple of parks along the way. First up Shajiao Fort Park, a recent find and not one of mine I might add.

Being on the coast it seemed apt to have a sea-faring theme. In fact given the tiny size of the park it's surprising it managed any theming at all. The big boat here, houses a rather intense 4D cinema. Intense in that you're violently thrown around.

The park had two coasters, the first that I rode was the ubiquitous powered dragon close to the entrance of the park.

Another of those water shooting games, I don't suspect Dreamworks get any royalties after all a shark is a shark is a shark isn't it?

The entrance to their skinny monorail thing and a few other rides were adorned with cuter-than-cute Disney babies.

Their pirate ship had been retro-fitted with a spinning frisbee type arrangement.

A rather dirty flume ride that I think we all avoided.

At the back of the park a more conventional pirate ship.

The second coaster was another jungle mouse and one that I managed to get stuck on. Having left the chain lift the car refused to move off the top of the track. To escape I had to employ the virally known Haddaway manoeuvre to free myself.

This is the Haddaway

Having completed the circuit was given a little round of applause from the ride-op. at least he didn't have to climb up and push start my car.

That was where I got stuck

Having dealt with the mouse Team Germany aim to conquer the Dragon.

These baby Top Spins looked pretty intense, confirmed he day before at the couple photo park when two of the group rode it and then became sick. Needless to say nobody rode today's.

Who needs health and safety?

Behind the pirate boat, Andy found this rather cool cannon range where compressed air replaced gunpowder.

A rather unique take on the shooting range.

Marcus thought he'd found a third coaster a short walk from the park.

In bits, I think we concluded it was no more than an arch, probably the original entrance to the park. Silly Marcus!

A view away from he park lookin north towards the main bridge that joins the Shenzhen bit of China with the Guangzhou bit. We'd be driving right to left later. Of note to the coaster chasers there's one believed to be in the island in front of the bridge. I've no idea how you get to it though.

Hiding from the end of visit group photo.

This was just a park to break up the drive to the next city but it did give me one of my "stuck on a coaster" stories (yes, there were others).

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