Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Seaside Park

Having said goodbye to Shanghai for now, the next leg of the trip would see us exploring some of the parks around Tianjin, a large city south-east of Beijing. The real reason for coming here was to visit the Happy Valley park here however it wasn't open in time. I had been in discussion with some contacts with one of the ride makers to see if we could get in but so far I'd not had any response. So instead of going to that park today we drove out towards the coast to check out two parks. The first was Seaside Park (Haiban to the locals) 

Our superb driver Mr Du. told us that this park was one that visited as a child but hadn't come back to. How cool was that? As we walked around the park we started to think that this park had seen better days.

Soon after we started to see some rides poking out above the trees so we headed in that direction.

It quickly became apparent that we had walked into a park that had not opened for quite some time, and Mr Du confirmed with some locals that this park had been closed for a number of years, and the rides left to rot or lure dumb westerners who can't tell this from satellite imagery.

We'd had a good run of new rides in the last few days, that run had to come to an end and it looked like at Tianjin is where it would be.

This was the coaster, a spinning mouse. The rusty lock preventing access to the ride confirming that closure had happened some time ago.

Well at least you know who was able to report this as SBNO.

I guess one thing we could say is that we're certain we'll be the only enthusiasts to visit this park. There's no reason for anyone to come here now.

Not creepy in the slightest. They just popped out of nowhere, pointed and said "why did you come here?" in fluent English. Actually not true at all. Our guide told us that having twins in China is considered good luck. Having a boy and a girl even more so. This is because it fits with the mythology of the Phoenix (female) and the Dragon (male).

Goodbye Seaside Park. It was ..... moving.


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