Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Starfish Island

The next park is a short drive SE of Shanghu Park on a five-pointed man-made island. Starfish Island (see where it got its name from) is a small theme park and aquarium and another park that no enthusiast had visited before. Yay for being the first.

As you enter the park the first, and larger coaster of the two can be found. It's a corkscrew coaster that looked similar to the one at Quanlin Park with lots of helixes and the circular loop.

We had to hang around the station like a persistent credit whore until the operator showed up. Our willingness to ride had encouraged some locals to come running over to join us. Would they not have done it without us being there?

Anyway the ride started off fine but when it entered the loop both Kat and I instantly screamed out in pain, with insufficient headrests and the train entering the loop too quickly our head snapped back and forth, and we both got pretty painful whiplash. It didn't help that when we got back into the station the operator took the opportunity to practice his English with the question "did you feel the ride?". Yes, we did and instantly wanted to remember it.

The second coaster is a much smaller fruit worm coaster, probably the smallest model you can find in China. In its favour it offered no chance of whiplash however despite that we were deemed too large to ride and the operator wouldn't open it for us. Now usually we would attempt to get on using various means but we were both still aching so much from the other coaster that we couldn't be bothered. So we left.

We hate this ride!

We finished with a quick walk around the aquarium, which was alright. I liked that some of the shark tanks were open and if so inclined you could pick up a troublesome kid and throw him in. However the few kids that were in here were being very well behaved. Perhaps we should find the ride designer of that awful machine and throw him in instead.

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