Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Sun Park

Like Happy Valley Beijing, Sun Park was a park that we had done on the last trip. The one coaster that we didn't get to ride was a newly installed powered dragon that gave us the term ValtPang, which is the feeling that comes from being told no matter how much you ask, beg, bribe or revisit, you're not going to get a ride. For giggles we decided to head here to say we'd ridden the one we'd been denied before. In the 3 years since our visit they'd also added some new rides including a new coaster. So 2 reasons to come here then? Perhaps not...

The splash battle was new and on a beautiful day like today I didn't mind getting wet. I guess all the smoggy skies were remaining down in Tianjin. The grey skies is the worst feedback that people who've been to Beijing comment on and when it's bad, it's bad. It was a nice surprise to have blue skies here.

This wasn't the new coaster that we knew was in the park, this was something even newer. Sweet!

Called Crazy Skateboard it's a strange layout that simulates riding up and down a halfpipe wall. Unique but not amazing...It is amazing that we're the first and currently only enthusiasts to have ridden it :)

This new section of the park in which the new coasters can easily be found by looking for the Starflyer tower. There are nice bright colours in this part of the park so on a bright day its easy to locate.

This was the coaster that we thought was the new one, called "Space Scooter" it's a cute little powered ride.

A little tip here, the same booth beside the Space Scooter sells the tickets for this and the Skateboard coaster. Trying to explain which ride you want will confuse the seller so take a photo of the ride and show her your camera screen. We'd attempted to buy the skateboard first, were given tickets for the scooter, then turned away from the scooter. Not a big deal as we'd wanted to ride both. The ticket background is also a picture of the ride so you know what you've bought.

Given the surprise addition to the park we decided to take a quick walk around to see if anything else was new. They'd certainly increased their ride selection, and gone for the brightest of colours. I guess this is why they're called "Sun Park" and not "Moon Park"

The coaster selection was the same as our previous trip although some had seen a fresh lick of paint.

Here's the ValtPang coaster that we failed to get on the last trip.

No problems this time. Tick!

This is a really nice park and was popular with the locals. There's a water park behind it that given the weather was ever more popular though.

The nice weather had also brought young couples out to have photos taken around the park with the rides serving as backdrops. This crazy clobbered couple (her idea I reckon) use the carousel.

...they should have used the fruit worm coaster.

Another couple pose by the lake.

They should have posed with the fruit worm coaster too.

We thought Sun Park was going to be a run in, get the 2 new rides, and leave park but the new coaster was a great surprise. The park now has 9 rollercoasters of various sizes, which makes it a must-do park for those enthusiasts who stop by Beijing. It's actually the largest park in the country, if you discount Chuanlord, which we know cheats with its four wave shuttles.


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