Monday, 29 July 2013

Children's Park

Having got the tick at the cultural park we then took the metro to the children's park. I would have walked it having figured out the route from the morning but I'm not sure the rest of the group would have been up for that. A short ride and walk later and we were back at the main entrance.

This time the Tai Chi crowd were gone and the rides were open. My thought that they were behind the red gate was wrong. I just hadn't looked beyond the people doing the exercises.

This looks like a coaster station but there's something missing.

The coaster was missing. Ah well!

We had a quick explore around the park just to ensure it hadn't been moved to no avail.

The red gate was open so I bought a ticket to head in, whilst the rest of the group waited patiently outside.

And it was there that I found the ride relocated to its new location less than 25 metres from its original place. Not really, that was just to wind up those people should they read this.

The park within a park contained a pretty cool butterfly house.

And a not so cool aquarium.

Cool bench!

So having drawn a blank we made our way back to the hotel.

This building was gold coloured from top to bottom, catching the sun really well.

But even that wasn't as gold as this random drink I tried that night. It wasn't very nice.
So children's park has lost it's coaster but now has a site for something else, maybe something better.

The following morning got off to a bad start as I had some people accuse me of having lead them on a wild goose chase with this park and some others chose to bitch behind my back so I decided to not share any other research with the group for the remainder of the trip. Some people are so focused on the pursuit of their count that they forget to say thanks to those of us who help them achieve it. My research is only as accurate as the data that I can find and mistakes will be made, I don't deserve a hard time because of that. Anyway rant over, lets move on leaving those burnt bridges behind.

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