Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Happy Valley Beijing

After an excellent day in Tianjin our next leg of the trip would have us spending a day in Beijing. Yes, just a day. We hit the city pretty hard on the last trip and I found the idea of being able to say that I went for a day trip to Beijing quite amusing so that's how I planned it.  On this occasion we were just going to mop up some rides we failed to get last time and visit some new parks that we didn't do on that trip.

So the plan was morning train out, a day being driven around the city by the wonderful Johnny YellowCab (a driver that we used last time who is legendary), and then a flight out of the city in the evening to the next part of the trip. So we didn't even need a hotel for Beijing. As Beijing is a place that you'll likely end up every time you come to China the need to ride absolutely everything here isn't so great. As the airport is to the north-east of the city we decided to focus most, but not all, of the day around there.

The first park was Happy Valley Beijing and having been here before and getting to watch the Extreme Rusher coaster testing we decided to visit, ride that and then leave. Having ridden the sister ride in Happy Valley Shenzhen, and missing the one in Wuhan, would we get this?

Well you've probably realised the answer if there's only a single image on the page and it's taken outside the park. We were queueing for tickets when Kat spotted a sign in the window that said the coaster wasn't going to open until 1pm, not the 10pm advertised on the website. That would leave us no time to visit anything else and we didn't want to drive back into the city having left it.

Next time.


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