Saturday, 27 July 2013

East Lake Park

The final park of the day was East Lake Park or Donghu as the locals would call it. This is another common name for parks in China. 

The old dude given the Han Solo carbonite treatment is Confucious. Falsely attached to bad jokes in the West ("Confucious say...") he's actually revered by the Chinese for his wisdom and teachings. His version of the Golden Rule (do unto others) predates Christianity.

This is the station to a Weigand toboggan ride that sits just before the entrance to the main park. We'd be coming back to that later. 

Liking the kiddy cop car that is used within the park.

The park contained more of the same rides than we had seen at Zhongshan including the Disk-O.

Being another ticket park people had to wait patiently to get them. Kat is elated at having hers.

If you're going to theme your pirate ship with pirate pictures by all means rip off Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. Don't use the covers from the porn versions of the Disney film. This wasn't the only park that had done this.

The Shark Tale water shooting game. 

Rather cute!

The park had a dragon coaster, not too different to the previously ridden one. 

Boo! Said one of the random jump-out-and-spook things in their haunted walkthrough. 

Another spinning coaster could be found at this park. With many more of these to come were people getting bored of them already?

This tagada was different to those seen previously in that it had no seats. Usually there's a ring around the end but not here. This meant that we had no choice but to do the ride in the central pit. This basically became a free-for-all as unfit people who should have known better were thrown around trying not to injure each other. I came out with a slightly sore neck having backward somersaulted over it. The melee was captured by Marcus Gaines who did some great filming through the trip.

The same video clip almost shows a crash on the toboggan run that we went off and did next. I was waiting in the station when it happened.

In China the Weigand rides operate in a train fashion with one of the operators leading the train and controlling the speed of those behind him. As someone who's ridden a load of these and never seen this before, it's a bit odd. Here you can see Anita about to crash into Kat. Marcus, behind Anita, is also coming in a bit quick. Fortunately no animals were hurt!

To kill some time we had an impromptu dodgems take over. In China they don't mind which way round you go, whether you all go in the same direction or not and whether you hit people too hard. So all good!

A rather cute ride encased in netting where you compete to catch the most lava balls being blasted out of a volcano. It's almost a full-sized hungry hippos, just without the hippos.

Day 4 on the trip and Owen succumbs to the heat. Kat steals a kiss in an attempt to wake the fails. 

In fact the heat got to a lot of us. Not sure where Jeff's hands are going though!

Here's an advert from the hotel we were staying in. Like the fish-cake girl this caught my attention. This time I couldn't get over the fact that everyone was laughing at the fact that elder sister was blatantly stealing younger sister's cupcake. 

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