Monday, 29 July 2013

Guangzhou Exploration

With just one evening left in Guangzhou before heading elsewhere I spent the last night trying to walk around the city.

Most of the district I was exploring was closing for the night so the pursuit for food took precedence.

Some preserved ruins in the centre of the public area. This is something we don't do in London, but I have seen in Athens.

I grabbed a quick meal from the Bruce Lee chain. Similar to Yoshinoya, it offered bowls of noodles and stuff like that. Not overly tasty but it filled a hole.

They have cute signs in China but still not as cute as in Japan

Done with the food I headed to the river to try to see the buildings all lit up, but it was now 11pm and as I got there most of them were switched off.

So I made do with a stroll along the river but I was attracting too much attention from people offering massages, random objects to buy and the cliched "good time". Clearly being a major city Westerners were targeted, which I didn't like.

So I headed back to the hotel. Guangzhou is a city I loved from on high but didn't like as much at street level.

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