Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wang Chao Lake Park

Wang Chao Lake is a man-made park still south-east of Tianjin and a little north of the now-defunct Dagang Park.

The park is a huge recreational space with a fair (pun not intended) selection of rides on an island in the centre of the lake. Perhaps not a surprise they had a disko but no coasters could be seen.

The rides were catalogue models for the most part.

Taking the opportunity of a toilet break it was clear that the western toilet wasn't to be used. Also notice the lack of doors. Those funny chinese!

Not much more to say about this place really.

The sheep character is hugely popular in China. It's a cartoon brand called "Xi Yangyang and Hui Tailang" which I think translates as "Pleasant Sheep and Big Bad Wolf". It's reportedly the most popular cartoon brand in the country so probably our equivalent of Pingu or Dangermouse.

The obligatory disk-o

and that was that, a new park found, but no coasters to report. We'd visited 3 parks so far today and we'd not ridden a coaster at any of them. Despite being the worst day so far on the trip at least we could say we'd been to parks that no-one else has ever been to...or would ever likely want to visit.


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