Monday, 29 July 2013

White Lotus Cave Park

From Haibin Park our little group carjacked two taxis and had them drive us to the next park, a small recreational area with I guess, given by the name of the park, a cave although we never hung around to check. This was literally a hit and run, as well as a carjack.

A smaller selection of rides at this park than we had seen anywhere else. So far I've been posting a selection of photos from each park, but this was pretty much it all here.

I'm not sure if this ride was down or if they were packing up. It was getting quite late in the day, hence our haste.

This was the coaster we were dishing through the town for, another powered coaster theme like a dragon. The ride operator was pretty cool here ushering us over having ridden it for a group photo.

When I said I'd shown all the photos earlier I missed out one deliberately. It's another bloody shark water thingy, although this one lacked the Dreamworks theming.

Having credit whored enough for one day, and having gotten all in the area, we carjacked two more taxis to get us back to the hotel. We got back quickly and cheaply (taxis are cheap) however the others couldn't get a driver who'd drive all the way back, despite it only being a 15 minute drive. They had to bribe a driver with more money to get back. Whilst issues like that re. Pain, they're quickly forgotten when you do make it back and realise what a great day you had, as we did!

I celebrated with some grass jelly drink, which was better that I had expected although I understand whs not sold in the UK. I also noticed tag if you turned the can slight it would read "ass jelly drink"; now that I wouldn't drink.

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