Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Shunyi Park

Shunyi Park is a small park that used to have a coaster but when another enthusiast visited it was being dismantled. So I thought as we were in the area we'd check to see what replaced it.

Well, the first ride in the park was the replacement ride and it looked like they'd replaced one coaster with another. A lucky guess, and an example of why its good to check all the parks, even the ones that you think don't have a coaster. I guess from a Ying and Yang perspective this cancels out the Shenzhen incident. Karma restored!

A quick check around the park didn't reveal much else of note. These rusty springed horses looked quite interesting. What would happen if the two rear springs snapped at the same time?

There were more people in this park than at Victory Kingdom!
So on the back of my trip we were able to put Shunyi Park back on the map.

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