Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Jin Jiang Action Park

The next morning the club made their way to Happy Valley Shanghai, a park that I had been to before and that offered nothing new to me. At this point in the trip myself and Kat were going to do our own thing, so we said our "goodbyes" and set off for our own little adventure. 

We were met at the park by our awesome female driver and knowledgeable guide David who were going to take us around some of the smaller parks around the city and one large one that had a new ride since our last visit. In fact that's the one we'd be doing first. 

 In 2010 we visited Jin Jiang Action park, a sizeable city park located beneath one of the main motorways into the city. Since then they'd added a new Giant Inverted Boomerang coaster.

This is the new ride, simply called "Giant Inverted Boomerang" it's the first new one of these for a while. Historically there were 3 in the Six Flags chain in the US, and one in Spain. With reliability and operational issues the Six Flags chain sold 2 to other parks and moved the third to New England. The Spanish one has actually been going fine for over 10 years now, and there's rumoured to be one opening in Russia next year.

Nice Gundam robot welcoming us to the ride.

So, how was the ride? Not bad at all although the park wasn't busy and the operators were waiting for the train to fill before dispatching. The station was shaded and we'd got there towards the end of the seats being filled. We just needed to wait for 3 more people to show up, which happened soon after. As the ride is pretty new we didn't get bashed about much at all.

Having got the tick we had a quick walk around the park to see if anything else was new, which despite some minor theming additions, didn't have too much to offer. The bike coaster is still there.

The guns were new. A warning about the toilets behind this. Squat toilets are a pain to us westerners but this one offered a funny variation. A shared trough through which the poo was supposed to flow. For the gents the flow starts on the left and runs right so if you're wanting to witness other peoples poo flow between your feet choose a right hand booth. As it happened the flowing part of the design wasn't working due to a lack of running water. I spent a while trying to find a way to flush the water or start it, but there was none. I had no choice but to leave it there...now there's a shit story about my trip!

That's one end of the shuttle coaster. The park is quite thin in shape so this ride isn't easy to get all in shot, unless you're up on the motorway in which case I reckon the shot would be decent. 

Cookie-cut disko.

Cookie-cut spinning mouse. For a big park they still had the rides that everywhere else had, although admittedly here they were just to add to the numbers and not serve as the main events; no powered dragon though.

So new coaster done and tick achieved it was time to head off to the next park. We had a fair few to get through today. Can you tell the slow pace with the club had quickly changed to a credit-whoring trip? You did? Great! That's the plan.


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