Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Crab Island Resort

The other Crab Island park is close by and this one tailored more to the grown ups. It's behind some huge building and easy to drive past, as our driver missed it twice and he's been here before!. So take a map.The large halls we found out were dining halls.

These are our tickets for the single coaster that they have here. To ride the coaster requires half a tree each.

This looks amazing stuck in a car park!

To be honest they did have a pretty good selection of rides, but who comes out here?

In hindsight we should have used the Starflyer to get a view of how far civilisation is.

Here's the coaster, a Chinese copy of the SLC coaster.

Oh no!!!! It has those retrofitted body punch cushions. At least this time we were prepared for the strange punch, which it delivered. Instead of groaning, it made me laugh. It's uncanny how quickly the human race can learn from its mistakes. It's like I'd evolved a little bit more.

Same coaster, same colour and the same ride experience as the one in Tianjin. If I was a little more paranoid I'd be convinced they'd dismantled the ride, shipped it to Beijing and reassembled it overnight just so I could be hurt again.

So it was goodbye Crab Island Resort. Now onto some other parks in the area.


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