Monday, 29 July 2013

Quanlin Resort

The initial plan today was to visit Ocean Kingdom, a brand new amusement park opening in Zhuhai, near Macau. Originally planned to open in Summer 2013 it was perhaps no surprise that it was behind schedule. Instead the day would be used to visit more of the smaller parks.

First up was Quanlin Resort, a forest park located to the north of our hotel.

With some of the group choosing to follow me, (I don't know why) I led them to a toilet then once they left me alone I decided to explore the park. I was in no mood to socialise today :) . The park makes reference to the games of 2008. Were ours better?

Another couple doing the photography thing.

This looked like something from Takeshi's Castle or its cheaper cousin Wipeout. I tried the second one and barely made it over the final longer platform.

Its a bit odd to build a roof around a tree, and there was no signs indicating why.

The first coaster located to the back of the park was actually a new find, bonus. This corkscrew copy with a rather odd helix looked like something I'd build in Rollercoaster Tycoon, a comment shared by many.

It was pretty rough but not as bad as we'd built it up to be.

Another park with a cableway but here the abundance of trees killed the photo opportunities.

Another pirate ride using the porn version artwork, and this one goes one better than East Lake Park by using artwork from the sequel.

A quite large selection of gym equipment. Having seen these back in South Korea and thinking what a great idea, we now have them popping up around the UK.

This is a rather well themed kiddy flume ride with shooting. We'd see a few of these in the coming days.

No idea why the theming includes an arse with hands though.

Ultra man in various poses. Now I realised where the Beastie Boys got their Intergalactic pose from. D'oh!

The second coaster was another jungle mouse. Nothing really standout with this one, and so to break the monotony of riding these I tried to do it sitting in my hands. I realised that this was a stupid idea at the first turn.

As well as scaring Kat in haunted walkthroughs, you can do it in daylight just by jumping out in her. Marcus will require some more work however.

A slightly different take on the water shooting game. No Shark Tale character ripping off at this park.

The parks jungle-themed dark ride was ok although I was almost clotheslined by an animatronic monkey.

Third coaster was another dragon. Again, not much to say about this one.

For those wanting something more sedate, the park has a lake with boats in.

And for those wanting something more likely to make you ill, the park has boats with lake in, or perhaps it was rain; hard to tell either way.

Having not seen any petrol-powered motorbikes in Shenzhen, where they are banned we did get to see some here.

For those who like bikes but can't afford one then the park has one of those disko rides.

For fans of haunted walkthroughs the park has two with the first one including live actors, which was great. They even had a Takeshi's Castle style honeycomb shaped room where you're chased in but don't know which door to take. Perhaps not being able to read Chinese I just asked the ninja chap chasing me which way to go and he shrugged his shoulders and pointed the exit realising I wasn't really scared.

Some shots from the wheel which was a bit of a sweat box due to a lack of decent air flow. Unfortunately the ones with open but caged windows were closed to public, which didn't make much sense. Once up, they view out of the wheel was great.

The same couldn't be said of the view into the wheel. Scary rusty nightmare!

Finishing up by heading to the coach it was cool to see the archery being used although nine of the girls could reach the target.

Quanlin Resort, nice big park with plenty to do and some decent shade. Shade doesn't protect you from the humidity though.

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