Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Youth Center

The second park today is the youth center park, situated in the centre of Wuqing, a small town north-west of Tianjin. This park has been around for years and our driver told us stories of how he came here as a child. It's home to 2 rollercoasters, that both arrived here in 2006.

As ever the case here in China: Take some land, put a lake in the middle, put some rides around the lake.
It's just a shame that the model can't be expanded to include blue skies. Tianjin was totally living up to the smog stereotype that China can't shake off.

First coaster was the jungle mouse. It looked good but the cars were covered up and a chat with some of the park staff revealed that they didn't have anyone in to run the ride as he'd been working the weekend. Requests to get them in as they had punters in the park to ride were ignored, but we tried. Haha!

It's worth checking these halfpipes on the off-chance they're the wave model. Not that they had anyone to run the ride if they did have one.

A nice smoggy day with which to go boating.

The second coaster located in another section of the park is a powered dragon. Could the park staff open this ride for us? No, as it's the same operator who runs the mouse. Ah well.

A nice smoggy day with which to not ride anything.

Well that was the Youth Park, which is best summed up in one word...denied! 
To be honest, knowing where were headed we weren't too fussed that we didn't get to ride. Today was going to be a special day and events of this morning were soon going to be forgotten.


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