Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Yiyuan Park

So the final park of the trip ended up being one that we didn't know about. Located one block west of Shunyi Park, not much is known about it and looking at the satellite imagery it appears to be a very thin park with a lot of trees, although there are some rides peeking through.

The entrance to the park is fairly unique and did momentarily trick our driver into thinking it was real. It's a huge plastic banyan tree. Certainly different.


and the people at the other park were quite right. There was a little coaster here, albeit a powered fruit worm.

I've come to realise that so many people travel with Kat to far flung locations that she's likely the most photographed person in the RCDB photo database.

There wasn't else of note in the park although having seen us ride the coaster the old people running this park were doing their best to get us to ride everything. The opposite of Valtpang perhaps.

So a nice little way to finish Beijing, and the coaster riding of the trip. From here on in it was sightseeing, mountains, valleys, rocks, rivers and getting away from it all. There'd be no more coasters...or would there?


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