Monday, 29 July 2013

Cultural Palace Amusement Park

Having had our fill of Happy Valley Shenzhen I then decided to take a small group to the two parks I'd visited that morning. First up was the Cultural Palace Amusement Park and following a very easy metro ride and a five minute walk we were back in the park, and this time it was open.

These powered circular rides are common throughout China, and usually come in pairs. Larger parks sometimes have up to 4 running together.

But it was the coaster that we were there to ride and having treated the group to the tickets we got our ride. Tick!

This tagada is moving and those kids, clearly pros, had no problem remaining upright on it.

The childrens' train was one of the fastest kids rides I've ever seen. The blur isn't due to bad photography. It really was zipping through quickly.

This was all closed and sealed in the morning but in the afternoon it was revealed as an impromptu snooker hall. You wouldn't get this in the UK.

Finding a proper entrance to the park this time.

and back to the main road to catch the metro to the next park...I wasn't going to walk it this time. 

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