Monday, 29 July 2013

Nanhu Amusement Park

A nice drive north of Guangzhou was our next park. Nanhu (literally "south lake") is on the banks of a huge lake although from the bit of the park we were exploring there was no lake in sight.

Cool space theming in a park that was pretty much empty when we got to it.

A small collection of rides spread over quite a large area of land would have given us plenty of opportunity to ride plenty however the skies was a portent of what was to come.

There was only one operating coaster, a new small Outer Space Flying Car which replaced the powered coaster that used to be here. This ride despite its size actually had some amazing theming in its pre-show with surround-sound thunder effects and really impressive lightning effects around the ride. To top it all off the park had somehow managed to give the impression of a torrential rain storm too, and I couldn't see any obvious sources in the structures around the ride. Quite amazing.

After the 20 minute show and some discussions with a female park manager to allow us to ride in the wet (usually they don't) we kindly got our ride, and whilst the queue slowly worked its way through the ride I went off to explore elsewhere.

After Chuanlord, some people were trying to count anything that went back and forth as coasters. These don't count however.

Nor do these as they didn't have the hill in the centre.

At the top of the hill was this last corkscrew coaster which had been SBNO for so long that a tree had apparently grown through the track, not that I went looking for it.

A couple of the small number of GP found a ride that would run in the rain.

and as I made my way back out of the park, the last of the group were making their way out of the park.

One rained out park.

At least someone managed to make good of the weather. 

With the rainstorm leading us to having spend more time than planned at the park we had to cut the next park Tianhe out of the itinerary and head to the next location, where we had to arrive at a set time.

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