Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Binjian Forest Park

Our last morning in China gave me an opportunity to sneak in one final park for Kat as a little going away present. Binjian Forest Park was a coaster that I found in the weeks leading up to the trip, and was one I was going to share with the group until Shenzhen-gate made me change my mind.

Located in literally the middle of nothing it showed the extent that my ability of locating rides in the satellite imagery had gotten to (its to the right of the circular carousel if you can't see it). The ride was beyond the extent of the metro and in an area not served well by taxis so we decided on organising a taxi from the hotel and having them wait for us to visit the park, see if the ride was still there and then take us back. In all it would take a couple of hours.

After a very easy drive that took around 45 minutes we arrived at the park and whilst the taxi driver argued with the security guard that he was going to remain for us, we ran on into the park.

The park is a vast open in space close to the coast that the locals flock to for family barbecues and get-togethers.

and located at the back of the park was the coaster, which looked really new. Sweet!

After a brief sign-language chat with the staff we found out that the ride wasn't due to open until 1pm and we didn't have the time to wait around. A combination of explaining we had a plane to catch in an hour and having the money in our hand was enough to get them to open the ride. 

A relieved Kat and happy Malcolm get their final rides of the trip.

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