Monday, 29 July 2013

Jindouwan Resort Villas

Jindouwan Resort Villas is located in western Xiangzhou midway between Quanlin and Macau.

It's another scenic park around water with a small area dedicated to rides and a large stage on which the most annoying Chinese performer shrieked for the duration of our stay.

No idea what this was advertising, but I'm sure the Valve guys approve.

The first coaster was a very bizarre contraption called a Surfboat. This oval track has a spinning car moving up and down a half pipe section of track until gets enough momentum to make it over the top and around the track. It requires the operator to manually control tyre lifts to make it happen.

It's fair to say that the throughput on this ride was pretty horrible. It took around 10 minutes to get each car of 8 around the track. 

and worst case the ride would get stuck at the end, which would require the operator to push the car from underneath with a big stick (he's behind the pillar, I couldn't get the angle from the station)

The second coaster was a surprise addition to the list of coasters on the trip. This Outer Space Flying Car (similar to the one at the cultural park) had been added since the last satellite imagery. 

When we were about to ride the heavens opened, drowning out the loud performer nearby. We waited patiently for around twenty minutes for the skies to clear then carried on.

The locals ask to have their photo taken with Team Germany. I wonder if this ends up framed on their living room wall?

The final coaster was another back-to-back spinning mouse. The terrible throughput on the surfboat and the weather delay meant that we had to rush to squeeze this one in. Canadian Dave is the last to get the credit!

A fairly quick stop at a fairly average park, but 3 rides (1 not expected) can't be sniffed at. 

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