Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Huangxing Park

Final park for today's chauffeur driven day was to Huangxing Park, another small city park that added a coaster shortly after the last visit. It's located in the eastern side of the city

The city parks in China are always very nice with well maintained gardens and I love the fact they're used properly especially in the morning with the old people doing their exercises. This time of the day later in the afternoon the park was pretty quiet.

The coaster was yet another powered dragon. This one was running in the opposite direction though.

Back in Wuhan Kat rode her 1800th rollercoaster. It was the blue side of the dauling dragons ride I think. Having spotted this in the park it seemed appropriate to have her photo taken with it.

Huang Xing, after who the park was named, was a Chinese revolutionary leader and the first commander-in-chief of the Republic of China.In his spare time he liked to ride horses and shoot things, except horses.

As we left the park our driver was turning on the charm with the security guard who was trying to get her to leave. Once he saw we had come back he quickly gave up trying to do his job and let us leave. The driver found this situation quite amusing and was laughing as she drove us back to the hotel.

So we'd had a very successful day having ridden everything that we'd wanted to and along the way had become the first enthusiasts to ride the coasters at Gucun and Huangxing parks.


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