Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Crab Island Children's Park

The Crab Island Resort complex is a leisurely retreat north east of Beijing and is home to two amusement parks. The first one we visited was the one tailored for small kids hence it's name Crab Island Children's Park.

The first coaster was a copy of the Fruit Worm Coaster that we'd seen the day before at Sun Park. When we rode that back in 2010 I remember barely being able to fit in the seat, and the same was true this time. The ride operator had no issue with us riding, which was cool.

The next coaster was down. It was another surfboat ride and the woman in the park explained that to run this ride requires a specific set of skills and Liam Neeson wasn't around today to operate it. He was probably off rescuing his daughter again.

Kat is savagely attacked by a baby velociraptor.

Surfboats are just so....so Chinese.


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